Wound Vitality Modification

Alterations to the wound/vitality system as written.

The Fort 15 roll at disabled status and the base line saves for survival based on time are eliminated.

Instead, when a character reaches 0 Wound, they must immediately make a Fort save roll, with a DC based on the following factors:

Damage that exceeded the player’s current Wound pool (ie. Damage past 0 Wound) + number of rounds spent at 0 Wound. If the player fails the DC, they are dead.

If they meet the DC or exceed it by up to 4 pts, they are unconscious and dying (reroll Fort save on following round with the same DC+1 (accounting for the round spent at 0 Wound)

If they exceed the DC by 5-9 pts, they are unconscious and stable.

If they exceed the DC by 15 or more pts, they remain standing (and are disabled).

Note: any additional attacks suffered by the player must be rolled for (until dead or attacks end) and have the potential of shifting a disabled player to dying, and a stable player to dying- a player may not shift from being unconscious (dying or stable) to disabled- only healing can bring a character back to “active” status.

Note: Add one to the DC of the Fort save for every attack that dealt at least 1 Wound damage while the character was disabled.

Note: The player must make a fort save every round he is disabled. This fort save is made at the end of the player’s turn. DC is equal to number of rounds spent at 0 wounds + number of times the player has been struck causing wound damage, since he was disabled.

Note: A player may re-roll a result a number of times equal to half his character level per day. Each re-roll costs the character 500 XP.

Example: Thor the dwarf barbarian is fighting two savage ogres- he has 2 Vitality left and a Wound pool (full) of 20. One ogre slams him savagely for 26 damage, dropping him to 0 Wound.

Thor must now succeed on a Fort 4 or die (26 damage- 2 Vitality- 20 current Wound + 0 rounds spent @ 0 Wound). He achieves a 19, just barely remaining disabled. However, he also must succeed on a Fort 29 (5+24 Wd damage) or be stunned- Thor’s in great trouble, as he fails the Fort 29 with a 22.

The second ogre, weakened by Thor’s dead allies, still manages to strike the beleaguered (and stunned) dwarf, but only succeeds in dealing 8 damage. Thor must now make his first save Fort 8 or die (8 damage + 0 rounds spent @ 0 wound)- he succeeds, but only with a 16- Thor’s unconscious and thus doesn’t need to make the Fort 13 stun check (he could potentially be stunned for a longer time, if he was stunned for <4 rds by the first failure).

The next round, Thor is stable and his allies arrive, but the first ogre (deprived of the CDG opportunity) still spitefully smashes Thor w/ its club before it flees- 24 damage this time. Thor must now make a Fort 25 (24 damage + 1 round spent @ 0 wound)- he gets a mere 17 and dies just as help arrives.

Example #2: Thor (now resurrected & full healed) faces a single yuan-ti swashbuckler (brilliant and deadly). In the first round of combat, the snakewoman slips past his defenses, and deals a nasty crit for 20 Wd, dropping Thor to disabled status, and forcing him to succeed on a Fort 25 or be stunned- by the blessings of Moradin, Thor achieves a 25, but is still not willing to risk a riposte, lest he fall unconscious and helpless. Instead he (slowly) begins to retreat and call for aid- he must succeed on a Fort 1 (1 round of being disabled + 0 damage) or fall- he makes it easily. The snakewoman strikes again, but her critical threat is defeated by Thor’s massive tower shield- he suffers 15 Vitality (out of 70) but does not need to make a Fort save in reaction to the strike as it deals no Wound damage. Thor can continue retreating until he fails the 1/rd save vs. the rds he has been disabled, or until the yuan-ti scores a critical hit or finally chews through his Vitality. Thor’s in bad shape, either way, but he isn’t dead yet.

Wound Vitality Modification

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