Children of Calypso

Lair of Chokedamp

At the behest of their new wood giant friends, the heroes venture further into the Veerwood to discover the fate of the mighty dragon Vertingox…


This might towering ediface, home to one of the long dormant aetherian gates, and home of the Erdan, a fearsome hobgoblin tribe…

Into The Veerwood

Into the dark recesss of the forboding forest the Blades ventured…

Quarm to Be

One day in Bonnefoy…

The Blades of Liberation

The Quarm in question was not always so famous as they were to become, or infamous, depending on your point of view. At one time they were but young adventurous sorts with ought but gold and glory on their minds. It was thus that the group first found themselves in Bonnefoy…


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