Children of Calypso


The Blades arrived at the great orcish citadel of Xul-Jarak, having braved the dangers of the road and leaving Heaven’s Reach far behind. On their way the Blades discovered an ambush site leading the Blades to believe that the scions of the Great City they were seeking had been captured by orcs.

Arrival at Xul-Jarak was met by heavy rain and deep mist in the fens. The mighty edifice of Xul-Jarak could still be seen, however, and the massing of the orc hordes in the nearby fields could be heard. Vertigo’s magic allowed him a good orc disguise and he learned of a sacrificial ritual soon to take place within the citadel. Suspecting the scions of Heaven’s Reach were soon about to be sacrificed, the Blades launched a full assault upon the citadel, slaughtering many orcs. Sadly Cabbage fell in the initial battle, and the Blades magical prowess was cut to the quick.

Looting, pillaging, and torturing their way deeper into the underbelly of the citadel, the Blades cut a swath of destruction led by the ever blood thirsty Achiles, and the darkening presence of Raghnall, now fallen paladin. In the final blood bath the last of the orcs were swept away. The sole survivor, the only female found by the Blades, had her head smashed open by Achilles, as he sacrificed her atop the altar of Neith.

The blades with the aid of the now freed scions and Gentlemoon Sprakleglow were able to open the tomb of Kursk One-Tusk and reclaim the two Tears of Calypso that lay within. Additionally they found an inscription within the sarcophagus that led them to believe that a powerful magic item law within the Yuan-ti city of Tayasol, where apparently Kursk One-Tusk drew his last breath.

Note – Certainly this was one of the blades’ more questionable deeds, at least in its execution, if not the results. This writer suspects, however, that if the Blades had not cut the budding Warlord Thrull down before he gathered his strength the Eastern Reach would have had great difficulties in the following years.


Gilgamesh Gilgamesh

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