Children of Calypso


The Blades of Liberation found themselves in the hidden city of Xash. They had ventured forth from Firegate and followed the directions of Thane Torgeir, they had passed Skadi’s Rift and had come upon the Sea of Lost Souls. While contemplating how to traverse this vast underground body of water, Gojira expecting deadly beasts within the black depths, a mysterious cloaked xill appeared behind the Blades. Introducing himself as a Warden, he explained that he could take them to the hidden city for a small fee. The Blades paid and the Warden took the Blades into the Etheral Plane. There he directed them to cross the Sea of Lost Souls in the ethereal plane and soon they would find the walls of the great hidden city of Xash.

The blades traveled within the grey muted world of the Ethereal Plane, and soon came to the walls of a great city that only existed within the Ethereal. A city of stone edifices, the nature of the ethereal allowed the Blades only to see sixty feet, thus a full view of the city was impossible to glimpse. The Blades learned the city was ruled by “The Dark Master,” a mysterious entity who lived in a solid black tower that rose into the ethereal rock that was the dome of the Sea of Lost Souls.The city was mostly xill, the four armed red skinned race were the masters here, and they had many slaves.

The Blades soon learned that the Dark Master forbade all travel into the Vault of the Night Elves lest the Night Elves discover the location of Xash. The party sought out one of the powerful Servants who ruled the city in the Dark Master’s name. With local help that arranged a meeting with the xill Servant Zar. It was well known he had a great taste for fine and exotic music. Thus Aspsmar found himself within a private music chamber of the powerful servant. Alas, even Apsmar’s fine playing could not move Zar’s cold heart, and thus the blades never received permission to enter the Vault of the Night Elves.

With weapons in hand the blades snuck out of the city and headed toward the glamoured portal into the Vault. Xill guards saw the party, however, and half dozen of their stout warriors engaged the party. The Blades managed to kill many, but a few escaped. The Blades pressed on.


Gilgamesh Gilgamesh

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