Children of Calypso

Tomb of Lord Cuauhtemoc

The final layer of the Ziggurat contained a sunken pool that below its holy waters contained the Tomb of Lord Cuautemoc. Circling the pool the Blades engaged in a swift and epic battle with Kursk One Tusk, now transformed into a death knight and his succubus companion. The battle was swift and contentious but the Blades prevailed.

Vertigo meanwhile had found a hidden chamber even deeper than the tomb of Lord Cuautemoc. Originally constructed by Maenads before the arrival of the Yuan-ti. Within the chamber lay an ancient and forgotten Aetherian Gate, before time to study it had been had Achilles touched the portal, which was activated by the Tears of Calypso that Achilles carried. The other blades collecting themselves entered the portal shortly after.


Gilgamesh Gilgamesh

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