Children of Calypso


The heroes disembarked the Spry Dragon at the Gateway to the Dark Empire, the great city of Tayasal. Known through Galrath as the City That Trades, here is one of the main ports that the wealth of the ever-expanding Kolas Nest flows.

The Blades soon found a place to settle in the outlander district of the city. Narrowly avoiding a few bar fights with their ignorance of Yuan-ti ways the party sought admittance into Tayasal proper to seek of Kursk and the tears he carried. The only non Yuan-ti allowed into Tayasal proper, however, were usually slaves. Seeking special dispensation the Blades sought out Lady Saqui, Mistress of the Gate.

The Blades struck a deal with Lady Saqui to seek out who recently killed her favorite mate and if they were coming after her. With this agreement to investigate the Blades were able to gain symbols of authority to enter Tayasal proper. The Blades launched their investigation of Uja’s death. Apsmar finding employ as a musician at Yuan-ti social gathering, and the other blades asking questions of local and generally being nosy. In the course of this questioning the Blades visited Uja’s quarters only to find that Uja had been researching ancient art and had recently found the location of the Tomb of Lord Cauauhtemoc. In Uja’s dwelling the Blades also discovered that Uja had recently met with the Sage Young Hyun, the priest Jin-Ho, both of whom where lowlanders living in the slave district. The Blades then set out to talk to these individuals.

The meeting revealed to the Blades that Uja had inquired about the building practices of priests of Nieth and the current temple that dominates the Temple District. They learned that the practice of the priests of Neith is to always seek out places of power upon which to build their temples, and that the current temple was the third to Nieth that had been built in Tayasal, and that it was built after the unrest following Lord Cuautemoc’s death. The blades thus surmised that The Tomb of Lord Cuautemoc lay below the temple of Nieth, and that is where Kursk One-Tusk’s body was likely to be.


Gilgamesh Gilgamesh

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