Children of Calypso


The portal whisked them to Firegate, an ancient Dwarven city beneath the earth. Firegate was hard pressed at this point in its history. It’s massive dwarven halls mostly deserted, except by a scant one hundred survivors of the Axefang Clan. The dwarves had been at war for centuries against the Vault of the Night Elves an underdark empire that spiraled through the underdark with its heart in the city of Valquishnar. When the Blades arrived they were welcomed into the dwarves home and given shelter and food, despite the fatalistic belief of the dwarves that as they would all be dead in a matter of days as they expected the Night Elves to render a finishing blow.

From Thane Torgeir that learned much, including the fact that the Firegate was somehow sealed to those who did not know the rites of passage to activate the gate from this end. The blades learned that those rites of passage had been lost by Thane Vidar when he died defending the dwarven outpost of Stonehold many years ago. After taking sustenance and resting the Blades volunteered to head an expedition to Sonehold to retrieve the stones of passage, and this enable the remnants of the Axefang clan to flee using the Firegate that had brought the Blades to this strange underground world.

Setting off with their guide Jarl the Blades soon came to an area of the under realm known as the Shadow Lord’s Realm. Here the Blades encountered malicious Druegar warriors who worshipped a shadow dragon. A vicious battle ensued that ultimately revealed Jarl as an enemy who has been possesses by an intellect devourer. Jarl had launched vicious mental attacks as the Blades battled the shadow Lord and his minions , it was only with the sheer brute tenacity of Achilles that the Blades were able to carry the day. The end of the battle saw Raghnall ensorcelled and confused and Gujarat whipped into a comatose state by the mental attack on his personality. Apsmar realization of Jarl as an enemy during the battle, ill prepared him to stop Jarl’s devastating attacks. Only Achilles blade could accomplish that.


Gilgamesh Gilgamesh

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