Children of Calypso


The Blades of Liberation found themselves in the hidden city of Xash. They had ventured forth from Firegate and followed the directions of Thane Torgeir, they had passed Skadi’s Rift and had come upon the Sea of Lost Souls. While contemplating how to traverse this vast underground body of water, Gojira expecting deadly beasts within the black depths, a mysterious cloaked xill appeared behind the Blades. Introducing himself as a Warden, he explained that he could take them to the hidden city for a small fee. The Blades paid and the Warden took the Blades into the Etheral Plane. There he directed them to cross the Sea of Lost Souls in the ethereal plane and soon they would find the walls of the great hidden city of Xash.

The blades traveled within the grey muted world of the Ethereal Plane, and soon came to the walls of a great city that only existed within the Ethereal. A city of stone edifices, the nature of the ethereal allowed the Blades only to see sixty feet, thus a full view of the city was impossible to glimpse. The Blades learned the city was ruled by “The Dark Master,” a mysterious entity who lived in a solid black tower that rose into the ethereal rock that was the dome of the Sea of Lost Souls.The city was mostly xill, the four armed red skinned race were the masters here, and they had many slaves.

The Blades soon learned that the Dark Master forbade all travel into the Vault of the Night Elves lest the Night Elves discover the location of Xash. The party sought out one of the powerful Servants who ruled the city in the Dark Master’s name. With local help that arranged a meeting with the xill Servant Zar. It was well known he had a great taste for fine and exotic music. Thus Aspsmar found himself within a private music chamber of the powerful servant. Alas, even Apsmar’s fine playing could not move Zar’s cold heart, and thus the blades never received permission to enter the Vault of the Night Elves.

With weapons in hand the blades snuck out of the city and headed toward the glamoured portal into the Vault. Xill guards saw the party, however, and half dozen of their stout warriors engaged the party. The Blades managed to kill many, but a few escaped. The Blades pressed on.


The portal whisked them to Firegate, an ancient Dwarven city beneath the earth. Firegate was hard pressed at this point in its history. It’s massive dwarven halls mostly deserted, except by a scant one hundred survivors of the Axefang Clan. The dwarves had been at war for centuries against the Vault of the Night Elves an underdark empire that spiraled through the underdark with its heart in the city of Valquishnar. When the Blades arrived they were welcomed into the dwarves home and given shelter and food, despite the fatalistic belief of the dwarves that as they would all be dead in a matter of days as they expected the Night Elves to render a finishing blow.

From Thane Torgeir that learned much, including the fact that the Firegate was somehow sealed to those who did not know the rites of passage to activate the gate from this end. The blades learned that those rites of passage had been lost by Thane Vidar when he died defending the dwarven outpost of Stonehold many years ago. After taking sustenance and resting the Blades volunteered to head an expedition to Sonehold to retrieve the stones of passage, and this enable the remnants of the Axefang clan to flee using the Firegate that had brought the Blades to this strange underground world.

Setting off with their guide Jarl the Blades soon came to an area of the under realm known as the Shadow Lord’s Realm. Here the Blades encountered malicious Druegar warriors who worshipped a shadow dragon. A vicious battle ensued that ultimately revealed Jarl as an enemy who has been possesses by an intellect devourer. Jarl had launched vicious mental attacks as the Blades battled the shadow Lord and his minions , it was only with the sheer brute tenacity of Achilles that the Blades were able to carry the day. The end of the battle saw Raghnall ensorcelled and confused and Gujarat whipped into a comatose state by the mental attack on his personality. Apsmar realization of Jarl as an enemy during the battle, ill prepared him to stop Jarl’s devastating attacks. Only Achilles blade could accomplish that.

Tomb of Lord Cuauhtemoc

The final layer of the Ziggurat contained a sunken pool that below its holy waters contained the Tomb of Lord Cuautemoc. Circling the pool the Blades engaged in a swift and epic battle with Kursk One Tusk, now transformed into a death knight and his succubus companion. The battle was swift and contentious but the Blades prevailed.

Vertigo meanwhile had found a hidden chamber even deeper than the tomb of Lord Cuautemoc. Originally constructed by Maenads before the arrival of the Yuan-ti. Within the chamber lay an ancient and forgotten Aetherian Gate, before time to study it had been had Achilles touched the portal, which was activated by the Tears of Calypso that Achilles carried. The other blades collecting themselves entered the portal shortly after.

Below the Gateway to the Kolas

Searching in the city below, the Blades found many ruined roads and buildings long abandoned under the city, and they found a mostly buried ziggurat directly below the temple of Nieth. Breaking the seal that bore Lord Cuautemoc’s emblem the Blades’ descend into the ziggurat, where they faced a cacophony of deadly traps that almost laid them low on many occasions. With ingenuity and steadfastness the blades descended deeper and deeper overcoming deadly trap after deadly trap. It was here that vertigo lost his hand, and Achilles found Foeslayer, the cursed blade.


The heroes disembarked the Spry Dragon at the Gateway to the Dark Empire, the great city of Tayasal. Known through Galrath as the City That Trades, here is one of the main ports that the wealth of the ever-expanding Kolas Nest flows.

The Blades soon found a place to settle in the outlander district of the city. Narrowly avoiding a few bar fights with their ignorance of Yuan-ti ways the party sought admittance into Tayasal proper to seek of Kursk and the tears he carried. The only non Yuan-ti allowed into Tayasal proper, however, were usually slaves. Seeking special dispensation the Blades sought out Lady Saqui, Mistress of the Gate.

The Blades struck a deal with Lady Saqui to seek out who recently killed her favorite mate and if they were coming after her. With this agreement to investigate the Blades were able to gain symbols of authority to enter Tayasal proper. The Blades launched their investigation of Uja’s death. Apsmar finding employ as a musician at Yuan-ti social gathering, and the other blades asking questions of local and generally being nosy. In the course of this questioning the Blades visited Uja’s quarters only to find that Uja had been researching ancient art and had recently found the location of the Tomb of Lord Cauauhtemoc. In Uja’s dwelling the Blades also discovered that Uja had recently met with the Sage Young Hyun, the priest Jin-Ho, both of whom where lowlanders living in the slave district. The Blades then set out to talk to these individuals.

The meeting revealed to the Blades that Uja had inquired about the building practices of priests of Nieth and the current temple that dominates the Temple District. They learned that the practice of the priests of Neith is to always seek out places of power upon which to build their temples, and that the current temple was the third to Nieth that had been built in Tayasal, and that it was built after the unrest following Lord Cuautemoc’s death. The blades thus surmised that The Tomb of Lord Cuautemoc lay below the temple of Nieth, and that is where Kursk One-Tusk’s body was likely to be.

Into the Kolas Nest

Having safely arrived back in Heaven’s Reach the Blades’ decided on a few weeks of relaxation. Brushing up on training and buying needed supplies. Raghnall sought atonement at the temple of Galrath for he had fallen far in the violence of Xul-Jarak. This is the period when Apsmar became a resident of Heaven’s Reach, it became the City of the One Eyed Bard, an epithet that was not used until years later, but one of many such epithets the great city carries with pride.

At a secret meeting with Gentlemoon Sparkleglow, the sage revealed that he was a member of an ancient order, known as the Seekers of Tears, He reveled that this ancient order was dedicated to the gathering of the ancient magical treasures that would aid would be liberators of the Trapped God. Gentlemoon having doubts about the Blades’ purity of purpose took a chance and took them under his wing, the presence of Rahgnall again securing a an ally for the Blades’ that may have otherwise chosen not to deal with a band gaining notoriety for bloody deeds.

Together Gentlemoon and the blades decided that their next course of action would be to reclaim the fifth and missing piece of the vestments of divinity, the other four pieces having been found in the tomb of Kursk One-Tusk. Remembering the map so lovingly carved on the inside of Kursk’s sarcophagus, the Blade’s knew that the Paladin Orc King had apparnlt perished in the Yuan-ti city of Tayasol, and that the fifth piece remained where Kursk had drawn his last breath.

Gentlemoon secured passage for the Blades on the Spry Dragon, a swift spellship, the Blades began their journey into the Kolas Nest. Alas there journey was not to be a peaceful one as they were waylayed by a strange sorcerer in his own spellship who sent sent his summoned demonic minions to battle the Spry Dragon. Refusing to land the demons swooped again and again down upon the deck of the Spry Dragon, forcing most of the Blades below severely injured. Only Vertigo and Raghnall were able to hold off and injure the beasts, Achilles latter joining the battle with his bow. Spurred on by Apsmar’s music the Blade’s were able to carry the day though surely injured and a few sailors less.


The Blades arrived at the great orcish citadel of Xul-Jarak, having braved the dangers of the road and leaving Heaven’s Reach far behind. On their way the Blades discovered an ambush site leading the Blades to believe that the scions of the Great City they were seeking had been captured by orcs.

Arrival at Xul-Jarak was met by heavy rain and deep mist in the fens. The mighty edifice of Xul-Jarak could still be seen, however, and the massing of the orc hordes in the nearby fields could be heard. Vertigo’s magic allowed him a good orc disguise and he learned of a sacrificial ritual soon to take place within the citadel. Suspecting the scions of Heaven’s Reach were soon about to be sacrificed, the Blades launched a full assault upon the citadel, slaughtering many orcs. Sadly Cabbage fell in the initial battle, and the Blades magical prowess was cut to the quick.

Looting, pillaging, and torturing their way deeper into the underbelly of the citadel, the Blades cut a swath of destruction led by the ever blood thirsty Achiles, and the darkening presence of Raghnall, now fallen paladin. In the final blood bath the last of the orcs were swept away. The sole survivor, the only female found by the Blades, had her head smashed open by Achilles, as he sacrificed her atop the altar of Neith.

The blades with the aid of the now freed scions and Gentlemoon Sprakleglow were able to open the tomb of Kursk One-Tusk and reclaim the two Tears of Calypso that lay within. Additionally they found an inscription within the sarcophagus that led them to believe that a powerful magic item law within the Yuan-ti city of Tayasol, where apparently Kursk One-Tusk drew his last breath.

Note – Certainly this was one of the blades’ more questionable deeds, at least in its execution, if not the results. This writer suspects, however, that if the Blades had not cut the budding Warlord Thrull down before he gathered his strength the Eastern Reach would have had great difficulties in the following years.

Heaven's Reach

The heroes arrive in the Great City. Here they are beset by a master theif and offred great monies for their Teras of Calypso. Bodly refusing the money, and failing to find Gentlemoon Sparkleglow, the heroes travel to Xul-Jarak to find the missing scions of Heaven’s Reach and find their lost sage…

La Morte Verte

Traveling to Heaven’s Reach the Blades stop in Cuvat to try and deal with a deadly green mist that is killing the trueboen of Cuvat…

The Forbidden City of Narnliel

Seeking one of the legendary Tears of Calypso the Blades’ venture into the heart of the Veerwood they have come to know so well. There they confont Prince Olinaras and claim the gifts of Honeywing Starglow…


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